Are Blinds More Efficient than Shutters?

Picking a window dressing for your home may seem challenging at the start.

There’s always a particular preference, and that can make a huge difference. There are important things to think about, like selecting between blinds or interior shutters for your Cleveland home. How should you find the window covering that’s best for you?

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Here are the important differences between blinds and shutters.

LouverWood Shutters in a Sunroom

Interior Shutters

Rather than blinds, shutters are fixed to the window frame for a more permanent option. If you’re wanting to add value to your home, Louver Shop of Cleveland provides numerous gorgeous choices. A few of the benefits of choosing interior shutters include:

Secure and Long-Lasting

While interior shutters cost more to up front, they can remain in your home for life. We recognize our Traditional Shutters are in-demand for a reason. Years and years later, we’re one of the few companies who still construct them.

Easy Maintenance

Your Louver Shop of Cleveland shutters are assembled with the best American hardwood to stand up against usual wear and tear. We also have one of the leading lifetime guarantees in the trade to assure your shutters stay in great condition.

More Insulation

Interior shutters are useful insulators and are an ideal choice for climate control. We use an exclusive faux wood polymer in our LouverWood™ Shutters. This component is up to three times more insulating than traditional wood shutters, and can help you save on electricity bills.

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Horizontal Parkland Blinds


Blinds are the most frequently used window coverings.

Compared to shutters, they fasten to the inner surface of or above the window recess. They’re also created in a wider variety of elements, colors and styles than shutters.

Reflect on these things when choosing between blinds and interior shutters:


Blinds are typically less expensive than shutters, but our Hunter Douglas blinds don’t abandon quality for cost-effective interior design. And many styles can be equipped with useful motorized operating systems you can command with your phone.

Light Control and Privacy

Blinds offer an incredible deal of light control and privacy, whether you need horizontal blinds or vertical blinds. Both orientations defend against bright sunlight. They also hamper sun damage to your furniture and flooring.

Extremely Customizable

Blinds are available in quite a few different kinds of fabrics, colors and patterns. With so many alternatives to select from, Louver Shop of Cleveland will help you design the best match for your home.

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Produce Custom Shutters and Blinds with Professional Help from Louver Shop of Cleveland

So which option is right for you?

Both interior shutters and blinds are helpful in a variety of ways. Interior shutters add depth and a sense of timelessness to your house. They are also durable and can increase your home’s value.

Blinds are more economical and gorgeous options that are straightforward to work and clean. Plus, you can create them from many materials, fabrics and colors to work with your home.

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